Monday, May 30, 2011

Hey Everyone

Hey everyone-
I am sorry I have been so M.I.A. the last couple weeks. I have been doing a lot of reading and recipe making for you all, so expect some new product reviews coming up and some new vegetarian recipes.


Monday, May 9, 2011

Smoothies 101

I love smoothies.
I eat them all the time. I like to have them for breakfast, or lunch, or especially after i work out. They are full of protein, fiber and carbs to help you get through the day!

I am going to give you the "Smoothie Blueprint" that I use. It is an awesome recipe because it can be switched up a million different ways.

1 cup frozen fruit
1 cup fat free plain Greek yogurt
1/2 cup light soy milk

1 packet of artificial sweetener

no seriously... that is it.
Put all the ingredients in a blender and BUZZ! and enjoy!

What makes this a "blue print" is that you can use whatever fruit you want (strawberries, mango, banana, peaches, ect.), whatever kind of milk (soy milk, coconut milk, almond milk) and whatever sweetener you prefer (i use Truvia). The only thing i don't recommend that you change is the Greek yogurt. Greek yogurt is so much thicker than regular yogurt, and is higher in protein. You want a yogurt that will stand up in your smoothie to make it nice a thick.

You can either buy frozen fruit in your grocers freezer section, or buy fresh fruit, measure it out into 1 cup containers and freeze them. I do it both ways. I have a bag of Frozen Mixed Berries, and Frozen Peach slices I bought, but i also have several containers of 1 cup servings of mangos, blue berries and strawberries.

My favorite Smoothie Flavors are:
Mixed Berries (Strawberries, Blackberries, Blueberries)

Mango & Banana (1/2 cup of each)

Blue Berry

I also add into the blender a tablespoon of Organic Cold Mild Flax Seed. It is a great source of Omega-3 Fatty Acids and adds extra fiber.

Now go on and make yourself your own smoothie! it's a great and healthy meal replacement, or a fast snack the keep you going through the day!!


Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Product Review : Vita Coco

VITA COCO : 100% Pure Coconut Water

Nutritional Information

Serving Size : 11.1 fl oz (one container)
Calories : 60
Total Fat : 0g
Sat, Trans Fat : 0g
Cholesterol : 0mg
Sodium : 40mg
Potassium : 680mg
Total Carb : 15g
Fiber : 0g
Sugars : 15g
Protien : 0g
Vitamin A : 0%
Vitamin C : 230%
Calcium : 5%
Iron : 0%
Phosphorus : 5%
Magnesium : 10%

Ingredients: Coconut Water, Vitamin C

I had heard rave reviews on this product, and i saw it in the health food section of my grocery store the other day so i decided to buy it and give it a try and do a review of my own for you guys...

Okay, I am going to be completely honest with you all right now... I am currently drinking this stuff while i am typing this and I don't even know if can finish it. Maybe this is a bad product review since I am a little bias on the subject... I am not a big fan of coconuts.
First off, the taste... i guess it tastes like coconut water. ha ha. i wish i could give you guys a better description, i really do. I feel bad about not having the palate to explain what it tastes like, but since i haven't exactly eaten many coconuts... (actually none..ever) i don't know what to compare it to! It really actually has a good flavor, but i guess what's weirding me out is the fact that it feels so watered down... but i guess since its coconut WATER it's suppose to be watery.
Its got a natural sweetness to it that i like. It's not overly sweet like some of those sugary juice drinks out there.

(I just finished it ha ha, so i guess it wasn't so bad that i couldn't drink the whole thing.)

As far as the nutrition is concerned.. i love it. It's low calorie, fat free, cholesterol free and it has 680mg of potassium. That is insane! That right there is enough reason to drink the stuff. Although it does have 15g of sugar per serving, it is natural sugars, so that is okay in my book. I also love the ingredient list. "coconut water and vitamin c". Anything with an ingredient list THAT short, and that contain things i can read make me a very happy girl.

In the end, i wasn't in love with the taste, but thats because i don't like coconuts. I would imagine people who do enjoy coconut would find the taste rather enjoyable. However, saying that, i am willing to try this product again due to it's awesome nutritional value. Maybe the taste will just have to grow on me :)

If you happen to try to product, or have tried it, let me know. i would love to hear ya'll feedback!

Love & Best Health

Monday, May 2, 2011

Skinny Bitch : Book Review

Skinny Bitch : Ultimate Every Day Cookbook
By: Kim Barnouin

Table of Contents
Page 10 - Introductions
Page 17 - (Part One) Sustainability : A Greener Diet
Page 32 - (Part Two) The Secret to Being A Skinny Bitch
Page 44 - (Part Three) A Party In Your Kitchen
Page 70 - (Part Four) The Recipes
Page 72 - Breakfast
Page 94 - Soups
Page 112 - Salads
Page 140 - Sauces & Dressings
Pages 158 - Sides
Page 192 - Dinners
Pages 240 - Desserts
Page 274 - Drink
Pages 292 - 301
Sources Consulted
End Notes
Chef Contributors

As you can see from the table of contents, the recipes in this book don't start until almost half way through the book. The first few sections are about sustainability, our carbon footprint, buying seasonal, which foods to buy organic, and a crash coarse in what it means to be vegan. It also talks about the basic equipment you should have in your kitchen (pots, pans, food processor, zester, ect), and also the basic foods you should keep in your fridge and pantry.
Once you got past the first section, which is actually really informative and thought provoking, you get to the recipe section. As you can see from the table of contents the recipes are broken down into sections. In each of the sections she has a little insert/article about something. For example, in the "Sides" section, there is a two page insert about Antioxidants and their health benefits.

The pictures in this cook book are absolutly beautiful. They really make your mouth water, and want to make the recipes! (Of course, the pictures i took came out grainy and not as pretty as i was hoping. lol).

In fact, the vegetarian lentil sloppy joe recipe that i posted a couple weeks ago, was inspired by the lentil sloppy joe recipe in this book! I say inspired because, i wanted to make it, but i didn't have everything that the recipe called for, so i put my own spin on it and was able to use what i had in the house without having to go to the food store... and it came out delicious! So if you all like that recipe, check out this cook book to see the "real thing".
Overall, i really enjoyed this cookbook. It has a lot of very interesting information in it, that really causes you to think twice about that processed stuff you have been eating. It's even a great cook book for non-vegans. If you are looking to incorporate a little more veggies in your life, this is a great start. The recipes are simple, and delicious!
The only comment i must make, is that the way the author writes, is very "in your face". She tells you how it is, and cusses a lot. Now, i don't mind that, in fact, i love the way she writes. It's much more casual, and a lot more fun to read. But don't let the way she writes fool you, she offers a lot of great information and offers the endnotes and sources consulted in the back of the book to prove she just didn't pull the information out of thin air.

In the end, i highly recomend this cookbook to vegans, non-vegans, meat eaters... ANYONE who wants to make healthy, delicious recipes and experiment with vegetables or cooking methods you haven't used before.

I hope this book review was helpful!!!

Love and Best Health,